My name is Rhiannon and I'm a graphic designer living in San Luis Obispo, California. I am a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a Bachelor of Arts in both Art and Communication. When I'm not sitting in front of my computer designing, you can find me sketching outdoors, hiking, frolicking on the beach with my dog, or grabbing a beer at the local brewery.  I find most of my design inspiration from nature and try to present that throughout my work.  I am a very social person and truly enjoy creative collaboration with all types of minds.  I love to chat so please don't hesitate to connect with me!   

As for Design...

I believe that good design creates visual metaphors that effectively represent meaning without the need for verbal communication.

I love combining organic, tangible design with the digital, intangible world.  My designs often start on paper with a pen and ink illustration and then move to the computer where I edit, perfect, and intertwine other digital elements of design.  I really enjoy the this combination, as it is a mix of developing highly creative, yet intuitive work. Graphic design allows me to utilize my artistic capabilities, while also exercising my strategic thinking and problem solving skills.